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Tortola 54"


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As the upgraded version of the Barbuda, the Tortola 54" uses some of the same design elements for style and strength. The interlocking steel stabilizer at the top of the pool combined with the hardware-free "Snap-in" resin bottom cuff ensures a stronger, faster installation with superior stability. However, the Tortola is different because it uses Full Resin Top Ledges that are corrosion proof and do not heat up in the sun as do the typical steel top ledges. Also, this pool incorporates an Aluminum Skimmer panel to protect the wall from water and chemical damage to the wall.

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Height 54"
Top Ledge 7" Resin
Upright 6" Steel (16 Uprights on a 24')
Ledge Cover Two piece ledge cover
Stabilizer Steel
Bottom Rsil Painted Steel
Plates Top : Steel / Bottom : Resin
Foot Cover Yes
Structure Color Ivory
Oval System Butress

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