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Pool Liners

Above Ground Pool liners come in 2 primary types of wall attachments. The standard and most versitile is the overlap liners. They are available in perma 20 and come either as solid blue or have a full decorative print. These liners will work with pool heights of 48", 52", or 54". As the name infers, these liners overlap the top of the pool and use a plastic coping strip to hold them onto the top of the wall.

The other type of liner is called a Unibead or Beaded Liner.  These Liners typically have the most appealing decorative prints and are easier to install since they are made for a specific wall height and do not need adjustments. They are also perma 25 and therefore the thickest and strongest liners we carry. These liners are available in 52" or 54" heights only. This type of liner actually has 2 ways to attach to the wall as well. We use the Unibead liners as J-Hook or V-Bead liners. These liners have a "hook" on them that hangs directly on the pool wall. The metal stabilizer rail of the pool then squeezes them onto the pool. The "hook" portion of the Unibead can be removed to allow the liner to be used as a Hang Bead or True Bead liner as well. For this type of installation, the pool would have a rigid plastic track that is mounted on the top of the pool and then held on by the pool stabilizer rails.
This Rigid track has a slot to accept the bead of the liner from the inside of the pool without taking off the stabilizer rails for replacement. To remove the "hook" portion of the Unibead liner, simply score the liner at the line above the bead and then peel off the "hook" all the way around the liner.

If you are going to replace your liner, please double check the pool size, height, and type before purchasing and verify the liner you received is correct prior to opening. There can be no refunds or exchanges on liners after the box has been opened.

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