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Opera RTR 54"


NEW FOR 2020 The Opera is now the Maldives

Same qualities and structure with new color scheme

dark gray color scheme


Light Gray Color Scheme sent on July 2020 order

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Indulge yourself with the classic elegance and beauty of the Maldives RTR 54" pool.  It is the perfect oasis to escape the sweltering summer heat.  Round or oval, large or small, this beautiful pool will complement any backyard décor.  It's high-impact resin ledge covers, massive extruded resin ledges, and rust proof aluminum wall combine to provide a pool that will stand the test of time.  The smaller footprint of the buttressless ovals allow for the largest pool without large annoying side braces. Treat yourself, your family, and your friends to the elegant Opera RTR 54" that is great for relaxing, exercising, or just having fun.

Available sizes and shapes for the Opera RTR 54":

  • Round 18'
  • Round 21'
  • Round 24'
  • Round 27'
  • Round 30'
  • Oval 12'x24'
  • Oval 15'x30'
  • Oval 18'x33'
  • Oval 18'x40'


Height 54"
Top Ledge 8" Extruded Resin
Upright 7" Steel (16 Uprights on a 24')
Ledge Cover Two piece ledge cover
Stabilizer Aluminum
Bottom Rail Steel
Plates Bottom : Resin
Wall Material 100% Aluminum
Wall Panel No
Foot Cover Yes
Structure Color Sand
Oval System Braceless - Yardmore

Click here to find the location nearest you for pricing and information

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