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During the Christmas season, your house becomes the stage for all your families’ traditions and gatherings and your Christmas tree is the focal point that plays the starring role. There are many traditions that are associated with having an evergreen tree for the holiday season.  These include for some, the reason for Christmas through the example of eternal life from the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For others, it may represent the promise that spring will soon be coming and the coldness and isolation of winter will soon come to an end.

Here are some of the trees we carry


Whatever your beliefs, Christmas provides a powerful way to show your children how and what you believe and there is no question to the astounding effects the trees have on them.  When they are young, their eyes gaze in amazement when the lights are turned on for the first time.  They enjoy learning and bonding together as you decorate the tree with beautiful decorations including ribbon and bows, ornaments from your childhood, or even things they have made themselves. Many are truly mesmerized by an Angel or star placed at the top of the tree.  Your tree then becomes famous as you take family pictures for Christmas cards or to put on social media for everyone to see.

As Christmas Draws near, family and friends gather around it to enjoy visits that are unobtainable during our often busy year. It is a comforting place to draw strength from family during hard times or an enjoyable location to rejoice about the blessings we have received throughout the year.  On Christmas morning, the children rush to the tree with joy and excitement where your family will gather to exchange your gifts.  As children grow up, they always remember their families Christmas traditions around the tree, and it is past from generation to generation.  Come on in and bring the whole family to find that "one" special tree that will help you create new, continue old, or combine all the traditions your family holds dear.  We are here to help you with all your holiday decorating needs!


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